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New FATCA Facts for Expats: The International Data Exchange Service

international data exchange services ides
The U.S. IRS recently launched the International Data Exchange Service (IDES): an encrypted web application and database to which foreign banks must submit information on U.S. corporations, corporate shareholders and U.S. taxpayers who live, hold financial accounts and/or do business
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Taxman Unfairly Throwing the Yellow Flag at Pro Athletes?

athletes taxed unfairly
We all know that professional athletes make a ton of money, at least those who play in the three largest leagues in the United States: NFL, MLB and the NBA. Of course, who wouldn’t like to have that kind of regular paycheck coming in? While no one will probably ever shed a tear
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6 Ways You May Benefit from the Tax Extender Bill

Much was made of tax breaks that were expected to expire at the end of 2014, but alas, more than 50 of them, which pertain to individuals and businesses did not ultimately come to pass, thanks to the somewhat last minute Tax Prevention Act. Though it was signed into action on December
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KOZs: a Hidden Advantage for PA-based Businesses

koz program image
If you want to set up a business in the state of Pennsylvania, you may qualify to operate virtually tax-free for over a decade. Parcel-based exemptions are available at a dozen locations across the state through the Keystone Opportunity Zone (KOZ) Program. The Program is a partnership
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How To Really Find a Tax Resolution Company You Can Trust

how to find a tax debt company
There are certain factors that businesses and individuals need to consider and review before hiring a tax resolution or tax debt relief company.  Sadly, the industry has some bad apples who do not do right by the client. Companies have gone to great lengths to hide their mishaps by cr
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