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Tax Lien

tax lien is the government’s claim on your property because of taxes owed. Understand how the lien process works, impact of a tax lien, and how to release a lien.

Unpaid Taxes

Having unpaid taxes can lead to a variety of problems which include forced collection actions and large penalties and interest. Understand the various consequences from owing IRS & State taxes.

Unfiled Taxes

Having unfiled taxes can lead to a variety of problems which include forced collection actions and large penalties and interest. Generally the penalties associated with unfiled taxes when taxes are owed are some of the largest penalties charged.

Tax Penalties

The IRS and State taxation authorities have a variety of penalties that they charge in order to ensure compliance with tax laws. Understand what the common tax penalties are and what can be done to resolve them.

Tax Levy

tax levy is the legal seizure of taxpayers assets to satisfy an unpaid tax liability. Understand the levy process, types of levies and methods to stop a tax levy.

Wage Garnishment

Garnishments are the legal seizure of your hourly wages, salary, commissions, and bonuses. Understand the process for wage garnishment, how much can be garnished and how to stop wage garnishment.

Bank Levy

A bank levy is the is the legal seizure of funds directly from your bank account to cover a tax liability. Understand how to avoid or stop a bank levy and how the bank levy process works.

Asset Seizure

Asset seizure is the seizure of physical assets in order to satisfy unpaid tax liabilities. Asset seizure is not as common as bank levies or wage garnishments. The taxation authorities will generally use this method if they cannot garnish wages or bank accounts.

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