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Great company, saved me thousands on my back taxes with the IRS & now I can sleep at nights.These guys are my saving grace. Thanks Again

Nicholas Jones – 08/04/2020

Clean Slate Tax saved me over $100,000! Not only that, they released a levy on my bank account. This company was worth every penny! I would suggest using them. Their professionalism, personal touch, availability and communication were remarkable. USE THEM!

Josefina Mason – 08/01/2020

Could not recommend Clean Slate Tax more for my tax relief! Highly knowledgeable and professional. They helped in a very difficult situation and handled it perfectly. Fees are reasonable and totally worth it.

Julie Mccarthy – 08/03/2020

Joe is the absolute BEST!! He is very knowledgeable, helpful, compassionate, friendly, and very easy to talk to. Everyone at Clean Slate that I talked to was so understanding and nice. They made me feel comfortable sharing very private financial issues that I have a hard time talking about. They were very patient with me paying them for their services. I could not have asked for a better company! There was no judgement with anyone, i truly felt they cared and wanted to help. They did a wonderful job helping me resolve my issues with the IRS. I would and will recommend Clean Slate to everyone!!!

Julie Hebert – 07/05/2020

From the first contact with Clean Slate to my final day EVERYTHING was transparent, professional and incredibly friendly, straight forward and honest.
No false promises and they kept us in the loop all the time. They promised no more than they could deliver and delivered everything they set out to do.
A pay garnishment and HUGE tax burden was lifted and settled, as they had originally planned.
I am so very impressed with Clean Slate Tax and all the work that the team put in. This is how a company should be run.
Thank you Clean Slate.

R Perreault – 02/05/2020

I’m sure that the good folks at Clean Slate had heard it before….but for me, it was true….it was an accident. That I didn’t file tax returns for 5 years. 2 family members, the 2 I loved the most, and the longest, passed within a year of each other, and it broke me. For the next 4 years. Every time I sat to do my returns, my mind went dead. And along the way, I had been hearing so many ads, “Got a tax problem? Call us”. So I knew I wasn’t the only one. As a retired senior, my situation was very scary. But finding Clean Slate was such a blessing! They showed me the way out, step by step, explained every detail, answered every question, took every call, and gave me my peace of mind back with exactly the result they said they could (likely) get me, and for a very reasonable price. Like magic!! It doesn’t get better than these folks…they know what they’re doing, and I’m eternally grateful.

Bernadette Spade – 12/10/2020

Clean Slate Tax, you were an answer to my prayers. I couldn’t be happier. As soon as I began talking to you about my situation, I began to cry and feel relief, knowing God was taking care of my needs with my messy taxes. Thank you CST for your patience and listening ear and going to bat for me. Your service fee was so worth it. Thank you for saving me money and letting me trust you. I will highly recommend you to others.

Colene Long – 01/15/2020

Clean Slate is amazing, hassle free, and cordial. John had serious doubts if you would be able to resolve this problem that has plagued us since our marriage in 2003. We poured hundreds of dollars in JK Harris and just got ripped off! There was never any settlement! You saved our lives, for sure. Gone is the constant worry we experienced while being ripped apart by the IRS for years with no mercy or way out of that terrible situation.  Thank you wholeheartedly from 2 military veterans who had a fighting chance against the IRS!  You are awesome!  Thank you, thank you, thank you! ~ Cheryl O. – 3/23/2016

Best Company to Assist With Your IRS Issues. I have over 100k in tax debt and set up an agreement on my own which left me and my wife with no money to pay taxes due annually to the IRS so I defaulted on my agreement several times. The IRS sent certified letters and threatened to levy us, so I contacted a company based in Florida called United Tax Group. They started working on my case and 5 months after paying them more than 5k they went out of business. I was frustrate, broke, and scared so I contacted another company which has since became Clean Slate Tax over 2 years ago and they understood my dilemma and gave me a great affordable price to take over my case. They were able to get me on a payment plan with the IRS where I can now afford to make my payment for past due taxes and keep any taxes owed, current starting in 2016!! I am very happy with what Sean Chi and the rest of the staff did for me. I highly recommend them!!! I plan on hiring them to handle my state taxes and help my get them cleaned up next year and I plan on hiring them to do my tax returns annually. ~ Tim E – 12/11/2015

A high enough rating cannot be bestowed to Clean Slate Tax. From the beginning of my case, the professionals handled my situation with the utmost of care. Any member of the team, from tax attorney to case manager, treated me as more than a paying customer. Each person explained my situation and options every step of the way. They alleviated my confusion and anxiety with their patience and knowledge. Not only was my situation completely resolved, but these folks are so honest and dedicated to the client that I received money back. That may not seem extraordinary until you understand this was money already believed to be necessary to see my case through the process. Clean Slate Tax was able to resolve my situation so swiftly and efficiently that they returned money to me that they would have earned: they found a way to do it for less! Please don’t just take my word for it; call them. See what your gut response is when speaking to this staff. You will not be disappointed! ~ Christian D – 8/7/2015

I took a chance was facing a tax levy/garnishment on my next pay check and didn’t know where to turn. The team at clean slate resolved my issue within 24 hours, filed 4 years of past due returns on my behalf and treated me with so much respect and empathy throughout the multiple interactions that I had with various individuals! Not once was I made to feel stupid or ashamed…. really these guys are the best! On the top of that they worked with me to set up a payment plan for their fees that I could afford. Yes, they ARE that good. I slept well for the first time in years thanks to them and I recommend them without reservation. If you have tax problems are a feeling overwhelmed this is the team for you. Thanks so much Matthew, Kimberly and Sean!!! ~ Dee – 3/19/2015

Clean Slate was found on the Internet. I just took a risk, and e-mailed them. Gabriel answered my inquiry in less than five minutes, and I felt anyone with an angel’s name could not be half bad. Then I discovered he was located in Mamaroneck, New York. I used to live there. This seemed to be my cue to proceed. I honestly cannot say whether I got the best deal available as I’m not in that business and I didn’t do comparative shopping as I had a time issue and needed to act as soon as possible. I also know my situation is not, exactly, normal. I can say I was treated with respect, and in a timely and professional fashion. I enjoyed working with the people, and the resolution moved along quickly. My inquiries about the status were answered quickly, and I was kept informed as my situation progressed. I know I would never have done this on my own, and I feel I bought my freedom. Clean Slate made it as pleasant as an unpleasant situation can be. I definitely can recommend them. ~ G. H – 3/17/2015

Very pleased with the professionals @ Clean Slate Tax, LLC. The Knowledge and Interest they displayed in my case was very comforting to me. My hat goes out to Matthew Querze and Ms. Heather Gosnick while they are saving me thousands. Do not hesitate to give them a try. ~ Jeff W. – 2/16/2015

I had large debit with the IRS, i had contacted many companies and every time i spoke to one person, I didn’t feel comfortable. When i reached out to clean tax slate , I spoke to Mr. Anthony Surace. I had felt his honesty, professionalism, and experience, by him telling me that he will study my case and will advise me if he could solve my issue with the IRS. He got back to me on the 2nd day and he said that he could do something and deliver results. I hired Clean Slate Tax to remove my nightmares.. Within a short period (3 months or less), I started receiving positive letters from the IRS and at the end i owed a big zero to the IRS, because of the professionalism and knowledge that Anthony and the team. When Anthony called me with final result, I could not hold my tears. I responded to Anthony with many thanks, but words were not enough. I am now a free man and I was able to buy a house and my closing date is very close by. Anthony and the entire team are my friends . I strongly recommend them to anyone. Thanks Anthony and Heather. Keep doing the great job you do helping others who having problem with the IRS. ~Abdel A. 1/18/2015

Awesome job. I was facing a trust fund recovery penalty meeting for unpaid payroll taxes. Clean Slate Tax helped me and I was to able to setup a payment plan that my company could afford so we could keep the doors open. ~ Josh – 12/01/2014

They made it very easy I answered the questions they asked they did the work everything Via Email and Fax. There rates were ok and payments made monthly made it easy for me . Even changing the dates of payments were simple by just making a phone call. I was scared dealing with the IRS and didn’t know what to do. My problem is over with the IRS. It just took a few weeks , I am less stressed out. I would recommend them to everyone. ~ Cookie B – 11/10/2014

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