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What Clean Slate Tax Does

Clean Slate Tax LLC is a Better Business Bureau Accredited tax firm that helps individuals and businesses with various IRS and State tax problems. We help taxpayers get back into compliance with IRS & State tax laws at an affordable price. Most importantly, all services are done by licensed tax professionals (Attorney, EA, or CPA). The three main service categories we provide include:

We analyze each customer’s unique tax situation before making claims about what we can do for them. The most common services offered are tax preparation, levy lift, penalty abatement letters, offer in compromise filings, lien release, and installment agreement filings. Our services are not limited to these; read more about our tax services here and see our team of tax professionals that will work diligently on your case. The particular service you pursue depends on what our tax professionals recommend after reviewing your financial background and tax transcripts.

Our Goal

As a company, we strive for maximum customer satisfaction by paying attention to each unique tax problem situation while simultaneously providing reasonable and cost-effective pricing. Our pricing is cost-effective because our clients never pay for any service they do not need (read more below). We aim to help our customers navigate the IRS and various state tax codes with minimal stress. If we do not believe our services fit your situation, we will give our honest opinion and guide you as necessary.

Our Pricing and Approach

Unlike other tax firms, there are no hefty upfront fees, as our tax resolution process requires a tax investigation to be done first. Why should you pay for anything until you know precisely what is wrong and what specific tax services are being completed? Therefore, with the investigation, we find exactly how much you owe, who you owe, what penalties have been assessed (if any), when your tax debt expires (CSED), and what your current financial situation is to assess your qualification status in regards to specific IRS or State tax programs.

Once we complete the investigation, you will know precisely what is wrong, your best options, and any associated fees for tax services recommended. As a result, this is the most cost-effective approach, as you only pay for the tax services you need.  After the investigation, you decide whether to pursue the recommendations or utilize our tax services.  Moreover, the investigation result will allow you to obtain a second opinion on what you should do from another tax firm. However, how will you get that second opinion if an investigation is not done first? 


From the first contact with Clean Slate to my final day EVERYTHING was transparent, professional and incredibly friendly, straight forward and honest(…)

– R Perreault – 02/05/2020

The Services We Offer

We also provide a wide variety of services that many tax resolution firms do no offer or pretend to offer. Many claim to be experienced with the Offer in Compromise IRS program, however, few will ever use it because of the time it takes to prepare and request this type of tax settlement. It is always a good idea to get a second opinion what your tax options are.

Why Hire a Tax Professional to Help?

We deal with various tax problems day in and day out and have the knowledge to quickly and efficiently determine ways to help you resolve your unique tax problem. Many times taxpayers that choose to represent themselves before the IRS or state get frustrated, intimidated and stressed trying to find the best course of action. We take pride in taking the stress and frustration out of your hands to efficiently and cost-effectively resolve your tax problems. We will work with the IRS or State taxation authorities to work out the best settlement on your behalf.