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The IRS Fresh Start Program

You may qualify for relief via the IRS fresh start initiative.

Free Tax Analysis / Consultation

Our tax team has over 10 years of experience with various State and IRS tax problems. With our tax analysis / consultation, we can least give you potential options and pricing. There is no obligation to use our services, although we recommend you at least get an investigation done.

Tax Levy or Garnishment Release

If the State or the IRS is levying or garnishing your wages (wage garnishment), bank account, or social security, we can help remove it. If you received a notice but have not been levied, we can prevent it.

Tax Lien Removal

If the IRS or State has assessed a tax lien against your property this will hurt your credit. Our tax team will get your tax lien removed or prevent it if you just received notice by helping you get into tax compliance.

Tax Payment Plan Help

Depending on your tax situation, we may recommend you apply for one type of tax payment plan or installment agreement that is affordable. This will allow you pay your taxes off over time (series of monthly payments).

Back Taxes Resolution

Back taxes can be the result of unpaid state tax or Federal (IRS) individual or business taxes. It can be accompanied with tax liens, levies, garnishment and seizure. We will identify, investigate, and resolve your back tax problems to get you into compliance with the IRS or State.

Offer In Compromise

If your financial situation permits, our tax professionals may recommend an Offer In Compromise, which is offered by the IRS and some States. Federally speaking, only 41.8% were approved by the IRS last year. This is how a taxpayer may settle for less or pay less than they owe.

State Tax Services

Many states offer similar tax resolution mechanisms to the IRS. We represent and fix individual state and business tax problems. We do not provide help with property tax problems.

Tax Investigation & Review

Unlike other firms, we will provide you with an investigation and financial analysis for a small fee. This a la carte service will help you identity your tax problems, find out what tax returns need to be filed, how much you owe in taxes and penalties, and provide you with tax options you qualify for based on your financial situation.

Amend or File Tax Returns

If you need to file an amended tax return because of an error you made or because the IRS or State filed a return for you, we can help. Tax preparation may be provided in combination with other tax solutions or options.

Tax Debt Settlement

Depending on your tax situation, individuals and businesses can sometimes settle with the IRS or State for less than they owe in total. If your financial situation permits, you may qualify for penalty abatement, an offer In compromise, a part pay installment agreement, or some other tax settlement mechanism.

Penalty Abatement

If there is reasonable cause or circumstances, the IRS and certain states may accept a request to abate part of all of any tax penalties that have accrued. If your circumstances permit, we may file for penalty abatement in combination an installment agreement or payment plan.

Innocent Spouse Relief

Generally, when two spouses file a tax return the IRS and many States hold both spouses responsible. In certain cases, you may qualify for innocent spouse relief if you can show your ex-spouse should be held solely responsible by proving your lack of knowledge with tax matters.

Currently Not Collectible (CNC)

If you financial situation permits, our attorneys may pursue a CNC status with the IRS and possibly your State (if applicable) in order to cease collection efforts due to your financial situation status.

Tax Audit Defense

If you have been audited by the IRS or the State, we can help represent and defend you. We can also resolve the tax problems that arise out a tax audit.

Professional Experts

Unlike other firms, we do not charge hefty upfront fees for tax relief, nor do we require you to complete a resolution with us. Instead, we investigate first so you know exactly what your problem is and what our tax professionals recommend. If we cannot assist you in resolving your tax matters, we will issue a 100% money-back guarantee.

Whether you’re employed, self-employed, a contractor, or engage in any other form of work for profit, you will have to file a tax return at the end of each fiscal year. Now, taxes are complicated, so it’s not all too surprising that a vast number of us make mistakes somewhere along the line. The IRS reports that common errors include filing your return late, missing information, providing incorrect information, falling prey to math errors, missing tax breaks or any other common error. If you want to get ahead of the game and make sure you don’t make any mistakes on your return, or if you’ve already made mistakes and want to rectify the situation, we can help. Simply find the area you need help with from the list below and click the plus button next to it to find out exactly what we can do to put wrongs to rights!

Free Tax Analysis / Consultation

Whatever your tax query or concern, we highly recommend you make the most of one of our free tax analyses by our experts. Here, you will be able to speak to a friendly and professional member of our tax team. Our professional team has over 10 years’ worth of experience in all areas of State and IRS tax services including the tax relief fund. During the consultation, we will be able to understand and analyze your current situation and determine which of our tax resolution services will best help you to get back in compliance with both State and IRS laws.

IRS Fresh Start Program

Tax Levy or Garnishment Release

When you are unable to pay a tax debt, the IRS may place a tax levy or garnishment on your earnings or assets. This will allow them to legally seize what is yours in order to pay off your tax debt. This can easily cause serious hardship, as you may rely on your full wage to get by, or you may rely on your assets for shelter, transport, or other necessities. When you receive your levy and are unable to pay the full amount before the date that the IRS is due to seize your assets, get in touch with us as soon as possible. We can help to set up an installation agreement or an offer in compromise.

Tax Lien Removal

The IRS may send you a bill explaining exactly how much money you owe to them, including a demand for payment. If you neglect to respond to this, or completely refuse to pay the amount requested, they may file a public document called a “notice of federal tax lien” against you. This will notify all creditors that the government has claimed a legal right to your property. This isn’t good for you or your credit score. It isn’t, however, necessarily permanent. If you pay your tax in full, the IRS can remove your lien within 30 days of payment. If you are unable to pay the amount in full, we can help to negotiate a situation of tax compliance, which can also result in your lien being removed.

Back Taxes Resolution

When you fail to pay your taxes as and when they’re due, you will find yourself with “back taxes”. This can place a lot of pressure on you. When you have back taxes, you may find yourself in situations where your wages are garnished or your assets are seized. Alternatively, you could enter major financial difficulty as you struggle to pay your back taxes at the same time as keeping up with basic financial commitments, such as rent or mortgage payments, energy payments or grocery costs. We have a number of means of dealing with back taxes and a quick analysis of your current situation will allow us to determine the best solution for you and your circumstances.

Offer in Compromise

Sometimes you might simply be unable to pay the full tax you owe. This is where offers in compromise can come into play. When we negotiate an offer in compromise (or “OIC”) for you, we will demonstrate that you cannot pay the outstanding amount in full and create a formal and written agreement between you and the IRS that will settle a tax liability that is lower than the amount you actually owe.

State Tax Relief Programs

There are a number of reasons you may find yourself struggling with state tax issues. One of the most common is moving to a new state and not understanding or acknowledging differences between their tax laws and others you might be used to abiding to. We can help to represent you and resolve any misunderstandings or errors straightforwardly and professionally.

Tax Investigation and Review

Following your initial free consultation, we can conduct a full and in-depth tax investigation and review to gain a thorough understanding of your tax problems and exactly what needs to be done to resolve your individual and unique case. We will find out who you owe money to, how much you owe to them, whether you have been hit with any penalties and when your tax debt expires. We will also look into your personal circumstances to determine the best course of action you can take to gain the most favorable results possible. This can all be undertaken for a small fee, meaning you don’t have to commit financially to any course of action until you know exactly what action is required.

Amend or File Tax Returns

It’s much easier than you think to make a mistake on your tax return. If you’ve become aware of an error you’ve made, or if the State or IRS have questioned some of your calculations, reach out to us. We’ll be able to help review the error, amend it and file your return again. If necessary, we can provide other tax solutions if greater issues are unveiled.

Tax Debt Settlement

There are occasionally circumstances where someone really can’t pay off their tax debt. If you’ve found yourself in this situation and, try as you might, you can’t get together the funds to pay what you owe, we can negotiate with the State or IRS to come to a positive solution for you. We’ll be able to survey your individual circumstances and determine the best course of action to come to an amicable resolve that will truly benefit you! A Frequency Limit Table shows maximum payment frequency with the current tax forms. You can find this on the IRS site.

Penalty Abatement

The IRS issues penalties for pretty much any misconduct in regard to filing your tax returns. The most common penalties are failing to file a tax return, filing a return late, and filing inaccurate information. These penalties can quickly mount up and cause severe financial difficulty. The good news is that we can take action to encourage the IRS to abate your penalties. One step that we can take is determining whether you are eligible for the FTA program. This is also often called a “first-time penalty administrative waiver”. If not, we can still work to prove unfair penalization to get your penalty fines abated.

Innocent Spouse Tax Relief

Many couples file taxes jointly. When you choose to do this, the IRS will hold both parties accountable for any issues with tax reports or tax payments on the account. There are, of course, occasionally circumstances where both parties are not entirely open and truthful with one another, and one file incorrect information unbeknownst to the other. If you find that your spouse has done this and the IRS is now holding you jointly accountable, we can help to prove your innocence with our innocent spouse tax relief. We can also help individuals aware of their spouse’s tax avoidance or other fraudulent activities but were too afraid to challenge their actions due to abuse.

Currently Not Collectible (CNC)

If you have delinquent taxes and are unable to pay them, you may have been advised to look into gaining “currently not collectible” or “CNC” status. This can also be referred to as “status 53”. Put simply, this will ensure that the IRS will not enforce action in order to cover the cost of your unpaid taxes. While penalties and interest may continue to accrue on your unpaid taxes, we can still lift a weight from your shoulders by securing you a CNC status and removing the threat of bank levies, wage levies, accounts receivable levies or the seizure of your assets.

Audit Defense

The State or IRS can audit your tax return with little warning. If they unveil problems with your return, you can face serious action, which could ultimately end in financial loss or difficulty. This can put even the most mathematically and legally competent of us on the edge of our seats. If you have been notified that a tax audit is being carried out on you, or if you are concerned that you may be audited, we will be able to represent and defend you. This will help to provide you with both protection and peace of mind!

Who benefits from tax relief? Everyone. Anyone. We also take care of entrepreneurs’ relief issues. Seniors can get a discount on the real estate tax and may also qualify for relief on their pension contributions. You could attempt relief at the source and contact the IRS directly. You are more likely than ever to find tax relief as potential levers to lift the economy include savings and tax incentives. Many can benefit from tax relief. Some income is exempt from income tax. For example, donations made are most likely exempt. Our economy has been influenced by the relief of tax obligations by extending the date taxes were due.

Our professional tax experts offer:

  • back taxes help
  • tax relief via an offer in compromise (OIC)
  • relief via an irs payment plan
  • relief under the irs fresh start initiative
  • relief under the first-time penalty abatement policy

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