Identity verification has become a critical aspect of dealing with government entities like the IRS. Yet, it’s well known that these processes can sometimes be quite nails-bitingly intricate. In particular, interacting with the IRS, either for tax purposes, applying for an individual taxpayer identification number (ITIN), or resolving disputes, you will likely encounter identity verification issues. Here are some practical ways to overcome these challenges.

Understanding the Need for Identity Verification

Verifying your identity with the IRS is necessary to prevent identity theft. Identity theft is a significant concern for the agency as fraudsters increasingly attempt to file false tax returns. To combat this illicit activity, the IRS has been tightening up its identity verification process. But what happens when you’re not able to pass the verification process successfully? Let’s delve into some strategies.

Manage your IRS Account Online

One of the easiest ways to pass the IRS identity verification process is by managing your account online. When creating your account, be prepared to provide your photo ID together with a selfie directly on the IRS website.

Use IRS2Go Mobile App

If you’re having trouble passing the identity verification process on the IRS’s website, you may want to try their mobile app, IRS2Go. The app allows users to make payments, track refunds, and take care of other tax-related matters.

Submit Documentation via Mail

If you continue to encounter problems with online identity verification, you can opt to submit your documents via mail. The documents required for this process typically include a copy of your driver’s license, passport, or other valid identification.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Documentation is Needed for Identity Verification with the IRS?

Documents needed for identity verification with the IRS include government-issued ID such as a driver’s license or passport, a tax return from the prior year, and sometimes a copy of your Social Security card.

What Steps Should I Take if I Failed the IRS Online Identity Verification Process?

If you fail the IRS online identity verification process, try to reset your account, or consider using the IRS2Go app. If you still can’t verify your identity, consider mailing your documents directly to the IRS.

In conclusion, while the IRS’s identity verification process can be complex, understanding and utilizing the available methods can help overcome these challenges effectively. Always ensure that your documentation is up-to-date and as complete as possible to ensure a smooth verification process.