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Unpaid Taxes or Tax Debt

  • Some Options if You Can’t Pay Taxes Owed
  • Common Tax Penalties with Unpaid Taxes
  • How Long Does the IRS Have to Collect Taxes Owed?
  • Consequences from Unpaid IRS Taxes
  • Do I Still Need to File if I Can’t Pay Taxes Owed?

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tax audit

IRS Tax Audit

  • Information on IRS Tax Audits
  • Guidance on Handling an IRS Tax Audit
  • How Long Does the IRS Have to Audit My Tax Return?
  • IRS Audit Stats: What Are My Changes of Being Audited?
  • Possible Penalties Assessed from an IRS Audit

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IRS Wage Garnishment

  • Information on Tax Wage Garnishment
  • Ways to Stop IRS Wage Garnishment
  • How Much of My Paycheck Can the IRS Garnish?
  • What Types of Earned Income Can the IRS Garnish?
  • What Do I Do if the IRS Garnished My Wages?

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unfiled tax returns

Unfiled IRS Tax Returns

  • Information on Unfiled Tax Returns
  • Consequences of Unfiled Federal Tax Returns
  • How Many Years Back Will the IRS Require Me to File?
  • Tax Penalties for Not Filing a Tax Return?
  • Will the IRS File a Tax Return for Me If I Don’t File?

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irs bank levy

IRS Bank Levy

  • Information on an IRS Bank Levy
  • How to Stop or Release an IRS Bank Levy
  • How Much Can the IRS Take with a Bank Account Levy?
  • What is the IRS Bank Levy Process?
  • Can the IRS Levy My Bank Account More Than Once?

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irs tax lien

IRS Tax Liens

  • Definition of an IRS Tax Lien
  • Ways to Release or Remove a Tax Lien
  • IRS Fresh Start Program Impact on Tax Liens?
  • If a Tax Lien Is Released or Removed Is It Still on My Credit Report?
  • Will a Tax Lien Be Removed Once the Statute of Limitations (CSED) Arrives?

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irs tax penalties

IRS Tax Penalties

  • Information on IRS Tax Penalties
  • Details on the IRS Failure to File Tax Penalty
  • Understanding the IRS Failure to Pay Penalty
  • Common Tax Penalties Associated with Tax Fraud
  • Common IRS Tax Penalties Resulting from an Audit

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payroll tax debt problems

IRS Payroll Tax Problems

  • IRS Payroll Tax Problems Explained
  • Common Reasons for Unpaid Payroll Taxes
  • Synopsis of the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty
  • Common Tax Penalties from Payroll Back Taxes
  • Various Types of Solutions for Payroll Tax Debt

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IRS Letter or Notice

  • Information on IRS Letters or Notices
  • Purpose or Intent for Certain IRS Letters
  • IRS Notices That Mean You Owe the IRS Money
  • Samples of Various IRS Letters or Notices
  • Frequently Asked Questions With IRS Letters