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TIGTA Audit Finds IRS Fresh Start Initiative Monitoring Insufficient

The U.S. Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) this week released its most recent audit of the IRS’s Fresh Start Initiative. TIGTA in this report recommended the IRS improve the means by which it monitors the Initiative’s impact on revenue collections.
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IRS Offers New Directory of Registered Tax Preparation Pros

irs tax preparer directory
The IRS last week made available to the public a directory of certified tax preparation professionals in an effort to help taxpayers locate professionals who work in this area and verify their credibility. Taxpayers may search this directory by last name, location and credential type.
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New TAS Report on the Low Income Taxpayer Clinic program

low income taxpayer clinic report
Tax issues aren’t always the first thing on peoples’ minds as they struggle with poverty. Likewise, while English isn’t everyone’s first language, navigating the U.S. Tax Code can mean learning a third. Congress for these and other reasons created the Low Income Taxpayer C
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Eliminating Tax Debt Harder After Recent Circuit Court Ruling?

Discharging income tax debt just got more difficult. In Mallo v. IRS, the Tenth Circuit recently ruled that tax debts from late returns can’t be discharged through bankruptcy, making wiping out tax debt an even harder task. Tax Bankruptcy Basics To put the court decision in context, i
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How to Make Your Kids Work for You at Tax Time

child tax benefits
We all know that the cost of raising children can be significant, especially for middle- and lower-income families. There are dozens of regular expenses that families must fit into their budget for their children every year. In addition to the normal every day run-of-the-mill expenses
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