Step 1: Tax Investigation & Financial Analysis

We do a full financial analysis in order to determine your best tax options within the IRS or state tax code and what option(s) our tax team recommend you pursue. We get your tax transcripts from the IRS and/or State and find out exactly how much you owe in taxes, what penalties have been assessed, whether you are in full compliance with tax filings, and when your tax debt will become uncollectible.

Step 2: Tax Settlement and/or Resolution

After the investigation, we review the advantages and disadvantages of each tax resolution option you qualify for, what the cost would be to pursue each of those options and what our tax professionals recommend you do. You decide! There is no obligation to continue. If you continue, we then will complete your resolution and resolve your tax problems.

Get a Free Tax Debt Case Review in 30 Minutes or Less

Give us 30 minutes or less of your time and we will get a better idea of your tax situation, review your potential options, as well as provide you with potential service time frames and fees. You are under no obligation to use our services.

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Client Words

tara-customer2My wife and I wanted to thank you for stopping the IRS wage garnishment and putting our tax problems to rest. We will continue to use CST's services in the future for filing our taxes.
Dan, Nurse