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Tax resolution services offer the chance to deal with various tax concerns and queries.

At Clean Slate Tax, we deal with many individual and business clients with a plethora of tax problems. When you have an issue, it needs to be resolved as quickly as possible. The right tax resolution service will find a solution that helps you get the most out of this situation.

Clean Slate Tax, you were an answer to my prayers. I couldn’t be happier…

– Colene Long – 01/15/2020

What are tax resolution services?

Tax resolution services offer the chance to deal with various tax concerns and queries.

Tax resolution services can vary depending on the precise problem of the client. All of the different services are designed to resolve the situation and offer some tax relief. A lot of people will end up with the IRS breathing down their necks for one reason or another. It can be a bit of carelessness on your behalf, or you may feel that the IRS is overstepping their boundaries. Either way, you don’t want them to forcibly claim more money from your pockets. This is where tax resolution comes in, finding the right way to get out of this situation without breaking any laws or parting with too much money.

The list goes on, and you can see all the resolutions we offer by looking at our services web page.

How do tax resolution services work?

The process contains three main stages:

  • Stage One – Consultation: The first stage involves a free consultation where your tax situation is assessed. You explain your problems, and a tax specialist will ask questions to gain more information.
  • Stage Two – Analysis: The second stage consists of a full tax analysis. This is an investigation into your tax situation where everything is analyzed in as much detail as possible. It aims to get to the root of your problems and figure out which resolution methods will be applicable.
  • Stage Three – Tax Resolution: After the analysis, you are presented with all the different tax resolutions and their strengths/weaknesses. All the various costs are explained, allowing you to pick the solution you like the best.

What are the benefits of tax resolution services?

The obvious benefit is that you resolve your lingering tax issues. It gets the IRS off your back and allows you to solve the situation without it getting nasty. Remember, the IRS is one of the most powerful organizations in the country. If they feel that they’re owed money, they won’t hesitate to take it by force. Tax resolution services ensure that this doesn’t have to happen, and a solution is reached that appeases all parties.

If you require tax resolution services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. The Clean Slate Tax team will help you find the best solutions to your tax issues. From here, you can wipe the slate clean and put your tax woes behind you. It’s a chance to finally end your tax mess!