Did you know that the IRS returned $78 billion in taxes to 22 million people in 2022? What’s unfortunate is that when people overpay their taxes, the IRS doesn’t give you interest on the tax they’ve held onto. If you, however, are late with your tax payments, you can expect late filing and late payment penalties.

Many Americans get caught in this overwhelming situation, but there is hope for a way out if you’re there. Tax relief services can help you find a structured way out. Keep reading this handy guide and find out how to choose a tax relief service.

Honesty About Services and Fees

The first characteristics to look out for before entering any professional relationship are honesty and transparency. The person you speak to should make the way forward seem more transparent and more understandable rather than confusing.

Many people also don’t qualify for a tax relief program. If a tax relief service knows you can’t be eligible but charges you for their benefit, you could throw a lot of money away. Make sure that the tax relief service you choose makes honesty and integrity high priorities.

Assistance Thresholds

It’s also necessary that a tax relief service be upfront about any minimum requirements they have. Some tax relief services will help anyone, but others only help people with $5,000 or $10,000 in unpaid taxes. If the tax service you’re considering has any such requirement, then make sure they first do a check to see if you qualify for their help before you contract with them.

Money-Back Guarantees

The IRS rejects most of the compromises that get filed, so if the service you choose doesn’t offer a money-back guarantee, you could end up in an even worse financial position if your application fails. That’s why another thing to be on the lookout for is that a tax relief service offers a money-back guarantee. With one of these in place, you only pay the tax relief service fees if the service manages to help you.

This is especially important if you’re dealing with some of the IRS’s more aggressive methods. Tax liens, levies, and other such instruments can negatively affect an individual’s ability to pay their tax debt and fund their normal daily lives.

Long History of Good Results

One of the best ways to vet tax relief services is by ensuring they have a long history of good customer service. A company that’s been in business for longer will have more organizational expertise in dealing with the IRS.

Reading online reviews is always a great start. You should also see if the service has any red flags or complaints on Better Business Bureau.

Choose a Tax Relief Service That Can Help You Today

Tax debt can be a very heavy burden, and though it’s difficult, it’s not impossible to reach a compromise with the IRS. To choose a tax relief service that will make this possible, make sure you deal with honest, transparent, and professional services. These services should offer information about their track record, their minimum requirements, and money-back guarantees upfront to let you know they’re there to help you.

We offer free consultations so that you can learn everything about us and your tax situation before you have to pay anything. If you’re looking for an honest and professional service, contact us today and let us help you.