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What is tax relief?

Most people have to pay tax on part of their earnings, but in many cases, it’s possible to receive tax relief on contributions that you pay. If you are a relief claimant, you qualify for relief, or you are exempt from income tax, you will save money. Tax relief comes in the form of exemptions on personal income tax, corporate income, expenses on fuel and on meals and on any profits that you generate in line with relief criteria. Taxes generate a billion in income tax in fiscal year statistics, but not everyone is required to pay income tax or tax on corporate income. If you are concerned with tax relief, or you have questions about payable taxes, learning about relief from interest and penalties is beneficial.

Tax Relief

Tax relief means setting up a payment plan or negotiating a settlement with the IRS.

Tax Credit

A tax relief that provides more savings for a tax entity than a tax deduction.

Tax Deductions

A tax deduction is where the taxable income of the taxpayer is reduced.

Tax Debt Forgiveness

A taxpayer has to settle their tax debts for a smaller percentage of the original liability.

Tax Exclusions

This will reduce the amount that the tax filer reports as the final gross income number.

Small Businesses

It is often the case that people try to rush through their tax returns, instead of taking them to a professional

Finding out if you are eligible for relief

There is a broad spectrum of credits and exemptions, which can reduce the tax due on income, sales, sales and use, on accommodation, on productive activities and on expenses that arise through business, land ownership or investment in research and development. It is worth noting that different countries have different systems and any person not subject to US tax relief will have to pay all their taxes in the US. You can claim tax relief according to specific criteria in the US.


Free Consultation

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Safe. Secure. Confidential. No Obligation.


Invest and Analyze

Invest and Analyze
We do a full financial analysis in order to determine your best tax relief options within the IRS or state tax code and what option(s) our tax team recommend you pursue. We get your tax transcripts from the IRS and/or State and find out exactly how much you owe in taxes, what penalties have been assessed, whether you are in full compliance with tax filings, and when your tax debt will become uncollectible.

Settlement & Resolution

Tax Settlement/Resolution

After the tax relief investigation, we review the advantages and disadvantages of each tax relief option you qualify for, what the cost would be to pursue each of those options and what our tax professionals recommend you do. You decide! There is no obligation to continue. If you continue, we then will complete your resolution and resolve your tax problems.

Relief programs for Coronavirus and seeking professional advice

At present, there is additional help due to the pandemic, including measures, which have provided rent relief to tenants who have been affected to help them cope with Covid-19 with rent relief. Tenants can take advantage of relief from penalties and interest for rent payments. In addition to measures for tax relief for renters, there have been extensions for income tax, including state income tax and the filing deadline. The federal and state rules vary. The filing and payment deadline for state income tax is extended from April in certain cases, depending on the tax agency.

If you have been contacted for failure to pay tax, you have questions about the relief of penalty charges, you need to act on personal income, provide evidence on tax relief, or you’re looking to receive tax relief on purchases or credit from the payroll or benefit from relief to middle-income individuals, seek advice from a professional.

An expert can explain and provide information about the limitation on any state income tax relief and the filing process, help you save at the highest rate of income tax that you pay, highlight ways for individuals to include expenses from their federal income, provide details about weighted marginal tax credit and outline different types of relief under the tax relief program. Relief in a time of a pandemic is particularly important, and it’s wise to ensure you know what kind of relief from central government is available to lower taxes and avoid a penalty on any late or missed payments.

With expert assistance, you can also check the date for sales tax submission so that you know when your return is due and find out what to do if sales tax relief has expired. Tax advisers can also answer questions about penalties and what they mean for the debtor, help you calculate payments based on the net of basic rate income and make sure you know who the taxes are chargeable to. Once you know how much is fully payable, net of income and tax relief measures, you can make your payment.

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