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IRS Installment Agreements

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IRS Penalty Abatement

  • What is IRS Penalty Abatement?
  • First-Time IRS Penalty Abatement Waiver
  • Requirements to Request IRS Penalty Abatement
  • Reasonable Cause and IRS Penalty Abatement
  • What Types of IRS Penalties Can Be Abated?
irs offer in compromise

IRS Offer In Compromise

  • IRS Offer In Compromise Overview
  • IRS Offer In Compromise Guidelines
  • Recent IRS Changes to the Offer In Compromise
  • Offer In Compromise Qualification & Calculator
  • How Long Does an Offer in Compromise Take?

Currently Not Collectible

  • What is IRS Currently Not Collectible Status?
  • Qualifications for IRS Currently Not Collectible Status
  • Benefits and Drawbacks of IRS CNC Status
  • Is Currently Not Collectible Status a Long Term Solution?
  • Tax Liens and Currently Not Collectible Status
unfiled irs tax returns

Filing Unfiled Tax Returns

  • What Tax Years Does the IRS Want With Unfiled Returns?
  • Why Filing Tax Returns is Necessary for IRS Compliance
  • Problems Caused By Failure to File Tax Returns
  • Penalties for Failing to File a Tax Return
  • FAQs With IRS Unfiled Tax Returns

Partial Payment Plan

  • Overview of Partial Payment Installment Agreement (PPIA)
  • Partial Pay Installment Agreement Qualifications
  • Benefits and Drawbacks of a Partial Payment Installment Agreement
  • How to Request a Partial Pay Installment Agreement
  • Partial Pay Installment Agreement FAQ
FBAR tax compliance

FBAR Compliance & OVDI

  • Filing Foreign Banks and Financial Accounts Compliance (FBAR)
  • What Forms Needed to be Filed for IRS FBAR Compliance
  • Understanding the Streamlined Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program (OVDI)
  • Recent Changes With FBAR Regulations
  • FAQs with FBAR Tax Compliance
payroll tax debt problems

FACTA Compliance Help

  • Forms Needed for FACTA Tax Compliance
  • The Difference Between FBAR and FACTA Regulations
  • Benefits of the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program
  • FACTA Requirements and What is Needed for Tax Compliance
  • FAQs Regarding FACTA and its Requirements
joint tax liability relief

Joint Tax Liability Relief

  • Understanding the 3 Forms of Joint Tax Liability Relief
  • Requirements & Process to Request Innocent Spouse Relief
  • Requirements & Process to Request Separation of Liability Relief
  • Requirements & Process to Request Equitable Tax Relief
  • FAQs With Various Joint Tax Liability Relief