Clean Slate Tax Reviews: Clients Share Their Experiences

If you’re dealing with tax problems, hiring a tax relief company like Clean Slate Tax can help you find solutions and get back on track. However, with so many tax relief companies out there, it can be hard to know which one to choose. That’s why we’ve gathered some Clean Slate Tax reviews from real clients to help you make an informed decision.

What is Clean Slate Tax?

Clean Slate Tax is a tax relief company that helps clients navigate tax problems including back taxes, penalties, wage garnishments, and levies. They offer a range of services including tax resolution, tax preparation, and audit representation, all aimed at resolving tax issues and reducing client stress.

What Are Clients Saying?

“Excellent Service!” – Mary S.

Mary was struggling with back taxes and penalties and was referred to Clean Slate Tax by a friend. “The process was smooth and easy,” Mary says. “They were able to negotiate my penalties down to a manageable amount and set up an affordable payment plan for me. I’m so grateful for their help.”

“Professional and Knowledgeable” – John S.

John had received notices from the IRS about unpaid taxes. “I didn’t know what to do,” he says. “But Clean Slate Tax was extremely professional and knowledgeable. They helped me get my records together and negotiated with the IRS to get me an affordable resolution.”

“Great Communication” – Tina R.

Tina was facing wage garnishment and was referred to Clean Slate Tax by her lawyer. “The staff was really patient with me,” she says. “They explained everything in a way I could understand and kept me informed every step of the way. I can’t thank them enough for their great communication.”

How Does Clean Slate Tax Compare to Other Tax Relief Companies?

Clean Slate Tax stands out among tax relief companies for their commitment to transparency and client communication. They offer a free consultation, which allows clients to get a sense of their services before committing to anything. Additionally, they have a customer portal where clients can track the progress of their cases and communicate with their tax professionals at any time.


  1. Is Clean Slate Tax accredited by the Better Business Bureau?

    Yes, Clean Slate Tax has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

  2. Does Clean Slate Tax offer tax preparation services?

    Yes, in addition to tax resolution and audit representation, Clean Slate Tax offers tax preparation services for individuals and businesses.

  3. How much does Clean Slate Tax charge for their services?

    Clean Slate Tax’s fees vary depending on the complexity of the case, but they offer a free consultation and transparent pricing.

If you’re struggling with tax problems, the team at Clean Slate Tax can help. Contact them today for a free consultation and take the first step towards a brighter financial future.