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6 Tips to Make the Most of Your Tax Refund

tax refund - ways to use it
About half of all taxpayers are expected to get a tax refund in 2016, according to Forbes. Of those who already filed their 2015 tax return, the average refund was slightly more than $3,050.  Whatever the amount of your tax refund this year, there are lots of ways to grow its value fu
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IRS Scammer Changes His Story and We Play Along (Listen to Audio)

We reported last week on an IRS scam that continues to take money from innocent taxpayers. Because of the nature of our business, many individuals call us to verify their “tax refund” that is owed to them or verify the so called “tax debt” they have with the IR
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New IRS Telephone Involves Money Due to a Taxpayer for “Hardship”

irs hardship scam
Many taxpayers are facing a new IRS scam that seems to be stemming from overseas, just like many of the previous IRS telephone scams. The familiar IRS scam that was reported by government authorities, blogs, and the media involves a scammer pretending to be from the IRS. The scammer s
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Newly Married: Five Common Tax Mistakes to Avoid

newly married tax mistakes to avoid
If you got married in 2015, you may need to adjust some aspects of how you approach this year’s tax return. Here some five common mistakes newlyweds make when they first file taxes as married couple, and how to avoid committing them. 1. Not running the numbers on whether you should fi
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How Much Are the Wealthy Really Paying in Taxes?

how much do rich pay in taxes
So how much do you think the wealthy really pay in taxes? Do you think they pay their fair share? It’s an argument that has gone on for decades and one that will likely never go away. Those on the “not enough” side of the argument won’t be happy until the rich pay more, and those on t
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