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Clean Slate: 5 Popular Tax Scams to Avoid

watch out for tax scams
Tax scams and the criminals behind them don’t take a break just because the annual tax season has officially ended.  Here are five of the most popular tax scams that continue to victimize otherwise honest taxpayers, and how to avoid them. Fake tax returns filed under a legitimate name
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Some Tips on How to Prepare for an Audit

tax audit preparation tips
What’s the worst thing that can happen to you at tax time? Maybe you’re expecting a big tax return but after crunching all the numbers and entering all the necessary information you end up owing a big chunk of money to the IRS. That is definitely a lousy outcome. Perhaps you are due a
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Done Filing Taxes? 3 Questions to Simplify Your 2016 Tax Filing

3 questions to simplify 2016 tax filing
You may be ready to put taxes out of your mind until next April, but taking stock of what worked (and didn’t) in the 2015 tax filing process can help you make improvements you’ll appreciate in tax seasons to come. Here are a few questions to help you identify your biggest pain points
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IRS Changes Make It Harder for Taxpayers to Qualify for Tax Relief Programs

irs changes national and local standards for the worse
On March 28th, 2016, the IRS made adjustments to their financial expense tables or Collection Financial Standards to make it more difficult for taxpayers with tax liabilities to qualify for tax relief. Allowable expenses are limits the IRS allow taxpayer’s to claim when qualifyi
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Do Online Tax Sites Really Offer Enough Security?

online tax websites security
Do you remember the days when you, or perhaps your parents, would sit at the kitchen table for hours trying to figure out your taxes; often right before the April 15 deadline? There would be forms and receipts and booklets and calculators everywhere. You could forget about using the t
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