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What Does it Take to Clear Your Name With the IRS if You’ve Been Scammed?

phone scam irs
It was once a popular television show in the 60s and was later turned into one of the most popular and intense movies in the 90s. The Fugitive was a huge hit. The 1993 movie featured Harrison Ford in the starring role, as Dr. Richard Kimble, who was wrongly accused of killing his wife
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Summer, Kids and Federal Taxes: Factors to Consider

summer and jobs and tax
Your kids whereabouts during the summer break can impact what tax credits or deductions you may be able to claim, and dictate whether they’re required to file a Federal tax return next Spring. Here’s a look at how your kids summer activities can impact your (and potentially, their) ta
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How Much of Your Medical & Dental Expenses Can You Really Deduct?

medical expense deductions
Most of us visit the doctor and/or dentist every year. Depending on one’s life circumstances, some people a lot more than others. Whatever the case, just about everyone will have some medical and dental expenses throughout any given year. For some of us these bills can really add up a
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Four Ways Student Loans Can Help (or Hurt) Your Tax Liability

student debt and taxes
Seven out of ten college graduates emerge from their undergraduate program with student loan debt, according to an analysis by the Institute for College Access & Success. While borrowing to fund higher education has become the norm for many families and students, student loan debt
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What Should You Do if the IRS Refunds You Too Much?

too much tax refund featured
You know that feeling you get when you find some money that you didn’t know you had? Or maybe you’ve overpaid on a bill, like an escrow account for example, and an unexpected check shows up in the mail. That’s a great feeling. Sometimes people are even fortunate enough to stumble acro
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