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Fall Means Football, Fantasy Sports and Gambling Taxes

You can feel it in the air. The mornings are a little cooler and days are getting a little shorter. The leaves are even starting to change colors and weekends are full of opportunities to get reacquainted with your favorite armchair or couch and watch some football. For many sports fa
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IRS Announces More Relief for Louisiana Flood Victims…But Be Careful

louisiana irs tax relief
A lot of people have retirement accounts, which is always a smart thing to have. Most people also know that if they decide to withdraw funds early or take out a loan from 401k plans and IRA accounts they have to pay a penalty. However, in certain situations these can still be very tem
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New Side Gig, New Tax Laws: What You Need to Know About Filing Taxes in the Sharing Economy

More than seven million people will earn money in the sharing economy by 2020, according to expert forecasts. Though the term broadly refers to short-term, part-time and/or temporary shifts, tasks or projects workers can take on at will to generate income, it extends beyond tasks, to
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IRS to Provide Tax Relief to Louisiana Storm Victims

louisiana tax relief irs flooding large
As the people of Louisiana continue to deal with the trials and struggles of some of the worst flooding that the state has ever faced, there is a bit of good news for thousands of taxpayers in the affected areas. So far, at least 40,000 homes have already been affected and at least ei
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Why Not Getting Married Can Be A Tax Advantage

not getting married tax advantages
Wedding season is in full force—but if you’re not necessarily sold on the idea of marriage, some recent changes to tax policy as it pertains to unmarried couples who own property together could solidify your resolve to stay together—but legally single—for life.  Here’s a look at how o
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