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Surprised With a Tax Bill Regarding Old Debt? The IRS Is Now On Your Side

1099-c new rules small
When you have debt that’s forgiven by a lender, it can feel as though a huge burden was lifted from your financial life.  Yet, that feeling may wane if you unexpectedly receive a form 1099-C indicating that the amount forgiven has become taxable income—especially if you never agreed t
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7 Ways Ditching Obamacare Would Reduce Tax Bill for Middle Class

obamacare repeal and taxes
Out with the old and in with the new. That’s the sentiment the new presidential administration has been giving since President Donald Trump won the election back in November, especially when it comes to the nation’s health care program; also known as Obamacare. Obamacare, or the Affor
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Why Your Tax Refund Will Be Late this Year (And How to Reduce the Wait)

tax refund - ways to use it
The Internal Revenue Service won’t accept your 2016 Federal tax return until January 23,  2017—but it has already warned taxpayers that they’ll need to be patient about receiving 2016 tax refunds. Here’s a look at the reasons the IRS has announced the delay, along with tips to minimiz
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IRS Lowers 2017 Standard Mileage Rates

IRS mileage rate 2017
For anyone who has to use their vehicle for ‘business” they know that keeping track of their mileage is very important for tax reasons, especially if they rack up a lot of extra miles. While the IRS does not allow anyone to deduct their commute to and from work, there are other times
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How Your Taxes Could Change in 2017

You won’t feel the immediate impact of the recent changes the IRS has put into place in 2017 for another year (after you’ve file your 2016 tax return), but they’ll impact you eventually. Here’s a look at some recent adjustments that have been made for 2017 tax policies, and how they c
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