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What Should You Do if the IRS Refunds You Too Much?

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You know that feeling you get when you find some money that you didn’t know you had? Or maybe you’ve overpaid on a bill, like an escrow account for example, and an unexpected check shows up in the mail. That’s a great feeling. Sometimes people are even fortunate enough to stumble acro
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Important Tax Tips for This Tax Season

Believe it or not, the tax season is already here. And whether you’re ready for it, or not, it’s time to start preparing to file your tax return. Here’s what you need to know to get ready. For starters, the tax season officially began on January 19th and it officially ends on April 17
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How to File an Offer in Compromise

Are you in debt to the IRS? Being in debt is never good but when you owe money to the IRS things can get really ugly. People get behind in tax payments for a lot of reasons, but the IRS usually doesn’t care why you’re in debt. The agency just cares about you paying it off. The bottom
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If You Have Tax Debt a Private Collector Could Come Calling

Are you ready for this? The tax debt collection business will never be the same. OK, so it might not be as bad as it sounds, but anyone who’s ever received one (or dozens) of those annoying phone calls from pesky collections agencies knows how awful those calls can be. Anyone who owes
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IRS to Provide Tax Relief to Hurricane Florence Victims

It’s been another very active hurricane season and there are still a couple months to go before it’s over. So far, the biggest and most damaging hurricane has been Florence. The storm pounded North and South Carolina for several days with more than 35 inches of rain in some locations.
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